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Innstar Bench Press Resistance Bands with Fixed Bar

Innstar Bench Press Resistance Bands with Fixed Bar

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If you thought resistance band training was less intense than weights, our Innstar Bench Press Resistance Bands is here to prove you wrong! 

This clever piece of workout equipment features fully adjustable resistance levels to suit anyone from a complete beginner to seasoned gym-rat. Able to target every body part, you won’t have any excuse for skipping leg day, or any workout at all for that matter!

  • Anytime, Anywhere - The only downside to the Bench Press Resistance Band is how it eliminates any possible excuse you may still have. The efficient and portable nature of this workout gear lets you get in a quick pump no matter where you are. 
  • Full Body Workout - Switch between different grips and band placement to target any part of your body from back, chest, biceps, and even legs! 
  • Adjustable Weight - Add or remove resistance to suit the needs of anyone and any workout.  
  • Durability - Made with 100% natural latex, each band is designed to withstand daily, consistent use.  



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