Transparent Gym Water Training Bag

IMPROVE FULL-BODY STRENGTH AND BALANCE - The aqua training bag is designed to let you get full body exercise through the instability of water flow. When you lift the water bag, the water inside always flows from one side to the other side. All muscles need to work together to maintain balance and strength.  Whole body workouts are possible.

MAKE YOUR MUSCLES STRONGER - Compared to traditional fixed-weight sandbags, the advantage of this workout water bag is that it allows you to experience unstable real-time-weight. The fitness aqua bag provides you with different weights for each movement, and promote muscle growth through this non-fixed weight, improves muscle strength and offer a more interesting exercise method for fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

MAX. CAPACITY UP TO 45 Pounds - The maximum capacity of this water tank is 45 pounds. You can fully control the training weight by adjusting the internal water volume. However, this weight is not important, it is enough even for an experienced professional at 20 pounds. This water workout bag is an effective fitness equipment for training your core, legs and arms.

EASY TO USE IN THE HOME GYM - The water weights bag is compact in folded size (2 x 5 inch) and weighs only 3 pounds in empty, which makes it easy to carry around, you can use it at any time at home or in the gym or even on a business trip. And this water bag is very easy to set up, you just push the pin, open it to fill the water until it reaches the required weight, push the pin again to make it ventilate, and keep the water tank firm, very easy to use in few minutes.

ONE AQUA BAG FITS ALL NEEDS - Our fitness water tank uses a transparent PVC shell, so that you can clearly see the water capacity, and is also equipped with indicative water level to weight indicators, you can view the amount of water that needs to be added in real time. Different handle positions can also make your exercise achieve different effects, thus meeting your multiple sports needs, which is very cost-effective.